Polmil® 3m Event Fencing

POLMIL® is manufactured by temporary fence specialist Blok N Mesh UK Ltd – Supplier of perimeter security fencing (Olympic venues) to the London 2012 Games.


POLMIL® fencing is designed for rapid installation, and to be effective on all types of surface. It is intended as an equally secure, temporary, on-ground alternative to traditional in-ground security fence systems whilst providing greater visibility compared to other systems.The standard finish for POLMIL® fencing is powder coated blue (RAL5001).


POLMIL® fencing systems are available for both hire and sale.

POLMIL® Fence Panel

358 Weldmesh Temporary Security Fence Panel

The POLMIL® BASE Level on-ground system employs a reinforced 3m high x 2.5m wide fully framed round-top Panel for maximum strength, clad with 358 prison weld mesh to deter attack or climbing, and finishes at ground level to prevent pass under.


Height: 3m
Width: 2.5m
Framework: 30mm Ø
Vertical Tube: 30mm Ø
Mesh Opening: 12.7 x 76.2mm

POLMIL® Event Brace

Support Brace for POLMIL® Fence Panel

This unique support system designed specifically for the Events Industry facilitates rapid installation without compromising panel stability and strength.

Do you have an event coming up that needs protecting?